Servicing made simple at SVS

In order to keep your car in tip top condition we recommend an interim service every 12 months and a full service every 24 months. 

What's included?

Interim Service £99.99

  • Engine oil & filter change

  • Full vehicle inspection

  • Locks, hinges and latches greased

  • Fluid level check with a Free screenwash top up

  • Service indicator reset

  • Tyre pressure check

  • Service book filled out and stamped

  • Exterior car wash

Full Service £179.99

All of the above items plus:

  • Air filter replaced

  • Spark plugs replaced (Petrols only)

  • Fuel filter replaced (Diesels only)

  • Cabin filter replaced

  • Interior hoover 

*Optional* Engine flush treatment to remove carbon build up in your engine £14.99

We can also offer servicing to the manufacturers service schedule or tailor a service to suit your needs.

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